Best Bench Grinder Stands in 2021

Best Bench Grinder Stands

The only problem is that it won’t work unless and until you put it right. You need to get a separate bench grinder stand to make sure you can put it correctly. feasible height, you can continue to think about using it. The facilities available in mills are also different. You have to decide which one to go ahead and only if you decide to choose a bench grinder table is easier. You need to take into account the factors when buying one.

10 Best Bench Grinders Stands – Our Reviews

1- WEN 4288 Cast Iron Bench Grinder Pedestal Stand with Water Pot

WEN 4288

WEN is one of the best stands that have an excellent reputation among users in the market, according to the number of features it has.

The stand of a bench grinder adds a lot to the users, as through the stand, the user can enjoy higher safety and be more skillful in doing the projects. WEN 4288 do that through a set of key features as it solves the problem of heavy vibrations by its independent surface to attach your grinder with it.

This stand also provides a water pot to reirrigate the workpieces. Furthermore, WEN is a three-legged design to have more stability by standing more on the floor.

Lastly, WEN has a one-year warranty, including replacement parts, and the manufacturing company has a helpful and friendly line to meet after-sales services and needs.

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WEN 4288 Pros & Cons

  • – Compatibility: the stand has universal mounting slots to meet any bench grinder.- Stability: the stand blots and three-legged design provide high stability for the user.- Organization: the size of the stand helps the user to save a big space for other applications.
  • So heavy.

2- Grizzly H7763 – Pedestal Stand For Bench Grinder

Grizzly H7763

When you are looking for flexibility, so you should put Grizzly in your top priorities, because it has been designed for affording the smooth move of bench grinders. Grizzly has a mounting surface measures 9-7/8-inch wide x 6-¾-inch deep, and this mounting is designed to be combined easily with the most of the grinder through its holes. Lastly, to guarantee high stability, it has been designed with an appropriate weight (28 lbs.).

Grizzly H7763 Pros & Cons

  • – The parts fitted together well.- It has a thick wall to save the user from distort.- Simply used by the beginners and doesn’t require high effort to move it
  • – Not enough long legs.- Highly-priced.

3- Pit Bull Bench Grinder Stand

Pit Bull Bench Grinder

A lot of customers look for pure stands that don’t take too much space and can be accessible to modified and used in general; Pit Bull relates to this kind of stands as it allows the users an easy installation of most mounted tools through its holes.

Moreover, its design is so coordinated as it is made from heavy-duty steel with large 7-7/8″ x 8 3/4″ top and includes a 1-5/16″ x 2-1/2 “x 13 3/8” tool tray so that it can resist the rust of the grinders.

Pit Bull Pros & Cons

  • It has an attractive price if compared with other products in the market.

  • It vibrates badly because the legs are not straight.

  • It doesn’t take too much space, so it is so practical for shops and households

  • It is friendly and flexible for the beginners

4- HTC HGP-10 Adjustable Bench Top Grinder Stand


Any Bench Grinder Stand has a specific height that suits a range of people’s tall; however, HTC HGP-10 has an option for controlling its height to be more practical for more people, and it is semi heavy-duty to be stable and easy to move

Furthermore, it is easy to put together and at a reasonable price. And the holes are slightly off-center holding the legs together when in pieces, but are perfectly aligned once you crank down all the bolts.

HTC HGP-10 Pros & Cons

  • Controllable height to suit more kinds of projects and tasks. (25 to 41)Fits the majority of the grinders.
  • It vibrates loudly.

5- Jet JPS-2A 577172 Pedestal Stand For Bench Grinder

Jet JPS-2

Jet JPS-2A 577172 Pedestal is one of the practical stands that have the ability for doing multiple tasks at the same time as in fact, it based on the configuration and number of holes on the top plate, this stand could be used for any number of bench grinders.

It is also a stable stand without heavyweight (12.38 pounds), and suitable size (31 inches) and the customers have trust in the product because it has a warranty two years (more than usual by one year).

Jet JPS-2A 577172 Pros & Cons

  • The quality of the material is great (Cast Iron).
  • The system of the cooling tray is not so good.The mounting plate is not large enough for some kinds of grinders such as grinder 8.

6- Sunex Tools 5003 Universal Bench Grinder Stand

Sunex Tools

The aim of launching Sunnex in the market is to save time and money for the users as it has a good reputation among the people in the market as it has a reasonable price compared to its specifications.

This grinder is heavy duty and runs smooth, even with one wheel off. It’s cumbersome too, as it doesn’t need to be settled down on the bench without also fastening in down and did a few knives and that’s according to its dimensions (27.2 x 21.2 x 4.3 inches).

Sunex Tools 5003 Pros & Cons

  • Sunnex is a good insulator of the vibration.It is pricey good in its category.
  • The fixing of the product is so complex.

7- Oregon 554532 Tripod Bench Chain Grinder Stand

Oregon 554532

Oregon is the second product has the specification of controlling the height as its height is from 44 to 53.5, and it has an assembly design that featured by saving space and natural breakdown.

Moreover, it is an excellent addition to your grinder and can be moved around and easily stored when done due to the height and weight that help with sharpening the chains and many other vital tasks.

  • Controllable height
  • It is very durable and is heavy-dutyIt lacks a tool tray, which is nice for the storage of grinder discs and small tools

8- Delta Power Tools 23-040 Grinder Stand

Delta Power

Delta Power has many key features that differentiate it from other stands in the same price category, as it has a fantastic stability and control through its streamlined design (18 x 22 x 33 inches and 19.3 pounds) and it is the best choice for whom interested in buying grinder from Delta family, but that doesn’t deny the ability for being used for other grinders.

  • Attractive price.Streamlined design.
  • Some pieces of its material are from plastic, so it can be broken.

9- RIKON Power Tools 80-910 Bench Grinder Stand 


Now we have the top peak of the bench grinders stands from the reviews of the users, RIKON has a variety of capabilities, qualify it to be categorized into a distinctive place, due to the significant number of crucial features such as adjustable height (28-36), 2″ Diameter Steel post with cast iron base, in addition to Storage for two grinding wheels.

  • Perfect customer service. A great isolation system makes the vibration close to being a zero.This is a lot more stable than it looks.Very easy to assemble.
  • A little costly.

10- HHIP 8071-0035 Heavy Duty Bench Grinder Stand  

HHIP 8071

The last product will be clarified today is HHIP, which is a new Grinder Stand. Still, it has boosted itself quickly in the market and got many good reviews from the customers HHIP. Although its price is not an attractive one is considered a compensation for good qualities starting from its mounting holes that enables many different grinders to be combined with it, and until its HIP Heavy duty bench grinder stand.

Its dimensions are: top size is 10-5/8 X10-5/8″. Steel column is 3-1/2″ diameter. Stand height is 33″. Pedestal leg length is 9. 5.”

  • So heavy duty.Great after-sales services (warrant and customer service).
  • The price is high.


After reading our reviews about the bench grinder stands, from your perspective, which stands you are going to buy? Finally, the last decision is yours, and we have just recommended these tools to improve the quality of your choice. We hope that you enjoyed the article!

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