Best Bench Grinder [2021 Review] Top Picks

Best Bench Grinder

Looking for the best bench grinders is admittedly a very tough task with all the endless choices on the market. Decide which bench grinder you want is one thing, choose which bench grinder is right for you is something different! Variable speed? Differently-sized wheels? What about the grits? Is the dust exhaustion system or rear exhaust ports effective? What horsepower do I need? All these questions pop up when you decide to buy a bench grinder, and they’re tough to answer–especially if you’re starting. That’s why I’ve gathered the best bench grinders on the market and listed them in this article to make the choice easier for you.

The 8 Best Bench Grinders for 2021

1. DeWalt DW758 Bench Grinder

DeWalt DW758


Running on a ¾ HP induction motor, the DeWalt DW758 bench grinder provides you with enough torque to turn its 8-inch bench grinder grinding wheels.And despite its power, it’s still quite compact and doesn’t occupy that much space.

So whether you’re going to do resurfacing or polishing, your work will be done effortlessly. Furthermore, the DeWalt DW758’s bench grinder motor is capable of spinning its wheel at 3,600 RPM speed –a number that’s superior to most bench grinders of its price level.

This means that its action is much quicker and seamless no matter the workload.

Grinding Wheel

The DeWalt DW758 bench grinder comes with two 8-inch bench grinder grinding wheels that are ready to take on heavy duty work. Combine that with the big arbor width that gives you the ability to work light with larger stock and tools and you get all the versatility you need. Moreover, they’re quite solid and firm, so you won’t experience any vibrations or instability.

The machined-aluminum tool rests are made from solid blocks and therefore provide the best stability for the most accurate results. Also, there’s a big gap between both grinding wheels that measures 12.5 inches and allows you to work with larger projects without facing any issues.

Debris Exhaustion and Noise

To get rid of any dust and debris and to keep your work light area clean, there’s a rear exhaust pipe that evacuates all the resultant debris.

However, the DeWalt DW758’s bench grinders noise-control isn’t as good as its dust collection. This is especially true if you’re grinding metal or working it at full load. Nothing that a pair of earplugs wouldn’t fix, however.


The DeWalt DW758 bench grinders comes with a pretty sturdy base that’s made from solid cast iron base and provides you with sufficient surface area for rigidity and stability. With the inserts, you can even bolt it to your workbench or your floor for maximum stability even with large workloads.


As for the safety precautions, the DeWalt DW758 bench grinders comes with a clear view spark protector which you can adjust to get the optimal visibility and protection. However, there’s no working light provided with this model.

  • The powerful and reliable motor that doesn’t stall

  • The fast speed that’s capable of sharpening any material

  • Protective and transparent guard

  • A cast iron base that can be bolted to the floor

  • Improved accuracy thanks to the sturdy tool rest

  • Doesn’t have a work light

Bottom Line:

If you do professional woodworking using a bench grinders, the DeWalt DW758 bench grinder is one that offers excellent performance at an affordable price. You can use this best 8-inch bench grinders to efficiently sharpen your tools and resurface materials.

2. WEN 4286 Bench Grinder

WEN 4286


The WEN 4286 bench grinder runs on an impressive 3 HP induction motor, however, its grinding speed is lower than average at only 1,750 RPM. That doesn’t mean that it underperforms as it’s the best  bench grinders slow speed that allows you to work with tougher materials with the smoothest performance. It does a great job of debarring ragged edges, sharpening, and cleaning objects.

Grinding Wheel & Wheel Guards

With the WEN 4286 bench grinder, you’ll get two 8-inch bench grinder diameter wheels so that when one starts getting worn out, you can replace it with the sharper extra.


Maintaining solid performance without any movement on any surface is made possible thanks to the sturdy base.


The protective glass of this grinder safeguards you from any debris or dust that may come flying off.

  • Powerful motor

  • Comes with a spare wheel

  • Easy assembly and set up

  • Able to handle very tough materials

  • Safe to use

  • One of the slowest grinders

  • Can’t handle heavy duty tasks

Bottom Line:

Although the WEN 4286 bench grinder is a slower grinding machine, that’s the main purpose of its operation. The slow speed with the powerful motor enables the grinder to cut through tougher materials.

3. Jet 577102 Bench Grinder

Jet 577102


Rated for heavy duty operations, the Jet 577102 bench grinder comes with a 1-HP (8 AMP) induction motor that can spin its wheels at a speed of 3,450 RPM –which is more than sufficient for most DIY jobs and light to medium duty tasks. Moreover, its operation is very smooth as it comes with pre-lubricated ball bearings that are completely enclosed and keep the spindle rotating.

Grinding Wheel & Wheel Guards

You get two 8-inch bench grinder wheels: a 36-grit one and a 60-grit one. The former helps you work your way around rougher edges while the latter suits more delicate tasks.

Debris Exhaustion

The dust collection ports do an effective job of keeping all the debris away from your working area.


The Jet 577102 bench grinder isn’t the most compact or lightweight grinder around, so while it’s not very portable, it sits sturdily on whatever surface. Additionally, its heaviness reduces the vibrations during operation.


Moreover, the spark guards and eye shields are quite large and easy to adjust, so they provide you with the safety needed to work seamlessly.

  • Sturdy performance with a 1 HP reliable motorAdjustable eye shieldsEffective dust exhaustionGuarded heavy duty toggle switchesFully enclosed unit
  • Wobbly wheelsHeavyQuite pricey

Bottom Line:

Although a little high in price, the Jet 577102 gives you amazing value in return. With its premium-build quality, reliable motor and operating speed, it’s a top-notch long-term choice.

4. DeWalt DW756 Bench Grinder

DeWalt DW756


The 5/8 HP of DeWalt DW756 bench grinders gives you ample power to turn the wheels at a speed of 3,450 RPM to get even and fast material removal. No matter how hard you press on them, the grinding wheels wouldn’t stall. And while the motor may not be the most powerful, it employs a great technology that delivers maximum efficiency while consuming the least power consumption. In addition, the cast iron base housing works on dissipating heat and extending the motor’s longevity.

Grinding Wheel & Wheel Guards

The DeWalt DW756 bench grinder comes with two 6-inch bench grinder diameter wheels and a ½-inch arbor size –the standard dimension on most grinders. One of the wheels is 36-grit for surface removal and the other 60-grit one is for polishing and sharpening. The heavy-duty stone mineral construction is quite impressive and can handle heavy-duty tasks on a daily basis. Finally, the 12.5-inch gap between the two wheels gives you ample space to work with larger tools.

Debris Exhaustion and Noise

The 5/8 HP motor isn’t that big and consequently, it doesn’t produce that much noise. You’d still need ear protection while you operate the unit –especially if you do it in a confined space such as a workshop.


You can rely on the DeWalt DW756’s bench grinders stability as its cast iron base base is large enough to keep it standing sturdily. And the best part is that there are insert holes on the base that allow you to fix it to a workbench.


The DeWalt DW756 bench grinder doesn’t come with a work light, but it does provide clear spark deflectors that you can adjust to your convenience. The machined-aluminum tool rest provides your and work light with stability for increased precision.

  • Transparent and adjustable protective spark guardStable cast iron base tool restDurable with a great build qualityCast iron base with holes for mounting on a workbenchAn efficient motor that doesn’t stallThe large working area for larger stocks
  • Non-variable speed

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a bench grinder for sharpening many tools and provide you with a stable, powerful, and reliable resurfacing, the DeWalt DW756 bench grinder is an amazing candidate for that job.

5. WEN 4276 Bench Grinder

WEN 4276


Running on a 2.1 AMP induction motor, the WEN 4276’s bench grinders wheels can reach a 3,450 RPM speed. This combination is more than enough to cut sharpen very tough materials. And no matter how hard you press against the wheel, the motor will keep working without stalling or choking.

Grinding Wheel & Wheel Guards

The WEN 4276 bench grinder comes with two wheels. One is 6-inch bench grinder in diameter and the other is 8.  Not only can you choose the size but also the grit as it leaves you the freedom to choose between a 36-grit one or a 60-grit on –depending on the type of material you want to work with for work light. The high-quality mineral material of the wheels makes you rest assured that no chipping away or breaking would compromise the quality of your cuts.

Debris Exhaustion and Noise

This grinder’s motor isn’t very big and that’s why it doesn’t produce that much noise as it operates. You can even work without ear protection with this one.


As long as you set up your WEN 4276 on a flat surface, stability is guaranteed. The only downside is that this model doesn’t come with insert holes and therefore you can’t bolt it to a workbench. But I guess it’s a part of making it portable as it only weighs 16 pounds and can easily be carried around from one place to another.


To meet the safety requirements, the WEN 4276 bench grinder comes with a transparent spark deflector to provide you with visibility while protecting you from sparks and debris. The detachable, clip-on work light also provides increased visibility over your work and it’s very convenient as you can relocate it according to your needs.

  • High affordability and great value for the price

  • Silent operation

  • Clip-on, an adjustable light system for extra visibility

  • Freedom to choose between wheel sizes as well as grit sizes

  • Accessible power button

  • Effective spark deflectors that provide visibility

  • Some grinders may perform better

  • Doesn’t polish well especially with high-density materials

  • Substandard construction quality as many parts are made from plastic

  • Can’t be bolted to a workbench

Bottom Line:

The WEN 4276 bench grinder is an amazing bang for your buck as it’s a very affordable bench grinder for DIY woodworking.  For sharpening various tools around your workshop, it’ll do a great job. However, if you’re looking for the best results or a heavy-duty unit, you might want to check out other models.

6. Metabo DS 200 Bench Grinder

Metabo DS 200


The 1 HP induction motor on the Metabo DS 200 bench grinder enables it to provide great performance with guaranteed steadiness at an impressive 3,570 RPM speed. With an adjustable benchwork support without tools, you’ll find this grinder flexible and easy to use and adjust during operation.

Debris Exhaustion and Noise

This model comes with a dust-protected stop switch in case of an emergency.


The Metabo DS 2000’s bench grinder side covers and guards aluminum casting construction makes it very durable and tough.


While it is quite heavy at 35.9 pounds, this heaviness contributes to the stability and eliminates any vibrations that could meddle with the accuracy of your cuts  -even if you don’t bolt it to a workbench. Moreover, the off switch is a little raised to make it easier to click. Especially during cases of emergencies.

  • High-quality aluminum construction with a compact design

  • Single-phase, powerful motor

  • Durable and easy to maintain

  • Easy to set up and use

  • Hefty price tag

  • A little heavier than the average bench grinder

Bottom Line:

With both an appealing look and reliable performance, the Metabo DS 200 work well with grinding all surfaces whether they’re smooth or coarse.

7. Craftsman 9-21154 Bench Grinder

Craftsman 9-21154


The 1/5 horsepower is one of the smallest on the market, but that doesn’t stop the Craftsman 9-21154 bench grinder from reaching variable speeds of 2,000 RPM to 3,400 RPM.

Grinding Wheel & Wheel Guards

You can easily sharpen chisels and tool blades.


An oversized cast iron base work on reducing vibrations and maximizing stability during operation. Moreover, the Craftsman 9-21154 comes with a large, adjustable tool rest that provides you with the accuracy you need for bit sharpening.


To prevent overheating, the Craftsman 9-21154 comes with a built-in cooling tray and a hand-held wheel dresser. The sturdy spark guards and clear eye shields protect you against any resultant dust or debris. Additionally, the built-in light provides you with all the illumination you need.

  • Reasonably priced for the features

  • Versatility of functions

  • Comes with a wire wheel

  • Variable speed bench grinder

  • Built-in light

  • The tool rest is a little too small

  • Produces a lot of vibrations and hum when running at slower speeds

Bottom Line:

For the ultimate combination of affordability, versatility, and reliability, the Craftsman 9-21154 is a great choice that won’t let you down.

8. Rikon Professional Power Tools Speed Bench Grinder

Rikon Professional


The Rikon bench grinder operates on a ½ HP that can spin the wheel at a speed of 1,750 RPM. Being a slow speed grinder means you can benefit from it in carpentry, turning, carving, and other crafts. There’s no additional lubrication required as the Rikon bench grinder comes with sealed lubricated bearings in its motor housing.

Grinding Wheel & Wheel Guards

You get to choose between a 60-grit or a 120-grit white aluminum oxide 8-inch bench grinder wheel, so the Rikon is a great choice for delicate grinding and sharpening.


The cast iron base of the Rikon bench grinder features rubber feet with anti-vibration to provide you with stability for precision.


The eye shield and spark deflectors are both adjustable and provide you with ultimate safety as you use your Rikon. Moreover, the diamond wheel sharpener is great for reducing the heat build-up during use.

  • Smooth operationAffordable priceComes with a 60 and a 120-grit wheel
  • Slow operating speedSubstandard motor power

Bottom Line:

The Rikon bench grinders are the best bench grinders choice for someone who’s looking for something affordable and reliable. Its grit size makes it ideal for delicate sharpening and grinding.

How to Choose a Good Bench Grinder?


There’s no denying that a more expensive unit would be a more durable bench grinder and last longer, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank when it’s time to buy a grinder. Just make sure that the construction doesn’t include many plastic parts and that you provide your unit with regular maintenance.

Wheel Material

Wheel material as a factor to best bench grinders should be assessed to ensure that it is durable and less prone to cracking. Consider the following materials when buying:

Silicon carbide

This is one of the most frequently used bench grinder wheels. However, this type doesn’t work well with high duty or long day works as it tends to overheat very quickly. They are more suitable for sharpening tasks

Aluminum oxide

A more suitable material for hard metals as it doesn’t heat up that much.

Other popular materials include Wire wheels, ceramic aluminum oxide, and buffing wheels.

Wheel Type

Bench grinders usually have two installed wheels, and those wheels are typically composed of different grits and types. For fine grinding tasks, you will usually use a grit size in the range of between 80 to 120. On the other hand, you will have to get medium and coarse wheels in the range of 30 to 60 or (20 – 24) to get the aggressive work done.

Wheen size

Bench grinders come with different wheel sizes depending on their intended use. A smaller wheel is best for sharpening small knives and other tools while a larger wheel is best for tasks like sharpening large blades and metal. You will usually encounter a 6-inch (like delta power tools) and 8-inch wheel in the market.

6-inch wheel

They are less expensive and offer higher RPM (Revolution per Minute) and are mostly used for sharpening knives, sanding metal, and wood. (fine usage)

8-inch wheel

This is the right choice for professionals, like in metalworking shops. It comes with lower RPM which allows more control. However, in some versions, there is a speed control option that enables you to get a higher RPM.

There are also 3-inch wheels that perform well with detailed crafts. If you’re unsure, I recommend going for a 6-inch wheel for regular workers.

Safety Features

Safety features are extremely important when you buy a new bench grinder. Some safety features to look out for are adjustable eye shields, gloves, and snubbing guards. If you wear glasses, make sure the design of the best bench grinder is compatible with your glasses before buying them. You also need to have spark arrestors or an adjustable spark guard to keep the sparks from flying away and setting a fire on.

Important Safety Note: Always keep flammable items away when working with a bench grinder.


How powerful your bench grinder motor is will affect the tasks and materials you can take on. A more powerful bench grinder or heavy-duty motor allows you to do heavy-duty jobs and process larger, harder metals. If you’re going to be working on lighter tasks

Generally speaking, A bench grinder power is measured in either AMPs or horsepower with every 2.1 amp counts to 1/4 horsepower. A 6-inch grinder usually comes with a 1/4 horsepower while an 8-inch grinder is 3/4. There are 1 horsepower grinders out there that are quite powerful and not suitable for regular workers.

While you may need a light touch when using a bench grinder, you also want it to have enough power to do the grinding efficiently without overworking your hands. For instance, if you are only doing the occasional carving job, then a simple 3 amp model might be best for your needs. On the other hand, if you’re doing heavy-duty work with stone then you’ll need to up your amp levels to at least 6 or 7.


What is a variable speed control bench grinder?

Variable Speed Grinders are a type of bench grinder that can change speeds while it’s being used. It allows having superior results with different materials.

Is a variable speed bench grinder good?

A variable speed grinder is best because it allows you to change the speed of the grinding head giving you more comfortability and control and more precision when needing a slower movement.

What is the most common size bench grinder?

The size of the grinding wheel refers to its diameter. The most popular sizes are 6 and 8 inches. 6-inch Best Bench Grinders are usually enough for homeowners, DIYers, and contractors.

What is a Bench Grinder Used For?

Best Bench grinders are two-wheeled systems that are used to sharpen tools that have become dull, polish metal pieces, as well as fix broken steel blades.

Final Thoughts

While the aforementioned products are the Best bench grinders I could find on the market, some of them do a better job combining or focusing on some great features. I’d go for the DEWALT DW758 bench grinders for an affordable yet durable and reliable unit with ample power, speed, and versatility.

Although the WEN 4286’s bench grinder speed is on the low side, its powerful motor allows you to take on very tough materials without the unit heating up. For someone who’s looking to save up as much as possible, I’d recommend the budget-friendly DEWALT DW756 bench grinders which still provide a good operation speed.

Finally, I have to mention the CRAFTSMAN 9-21154 bench grinders for their exclusive variable speed feature which you can’t find on any of the other products mentioned on the list.

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