Best Miter Saw Stands 2021 – By Experts

A decent miter saw stand is as important as the miter saw itself. Choosing a lousy miter saw stand can make a tough job even tougher. You need to choose a stand that is suitable for your requirements and preferences. 

Since we want you to be extra comfortable while working with your miter saw, we offer you a review of nine miter saw stands, hoping that you find the best miter saw stand among them. 

Our Top Picks: 

Bosch T4B

Product weight: 77 pounds

Weight capacity: 300 pounds

Material Support Capacity: 18 feet 

Dewalt DWX726

Product weight: 67 pounds

Weight capacity: 300 pounds

Material support capacity: 8 feet  

Ridgid AC9946

Product weight: 67.9 pounds

Weight capacity: 400 pounds

Material support capacity: 9.6 feet 

BORA Portamate PM-4000

Product weight: 30 pounds

Weight capacity: 300 pounds

Material Support Capacity: 9 feet 

Metabo HPT UU240F

Product weight: 50 pounds

Weight capacity: 400 pounds

Material support capacity: 95.5”

Makita WST06 

Product weight: 33 pounds

Weight capacity: 500 pounds

Material support capacity: 100 ½”

Evolution Power Tools EVOMS1

Product weight: 34 pounds

Weight capacity: 330 pounds

Material support capacity: 9.8 feet


Product weight: 37 pounds

Weight capacity: 330 pounds

Material support capacity: 10.5 feet

Dewalt DWX 723 

Product weight: 35 pounds

Weight capacity: 500 pounds

Material support capacity:16 feet 

The 9 Best Miter Saw Stands

1.Bosch T4B – Best Overall

The bosch miter saw stand is straightforward to set up thanks to its Gravity Rise System. It is also ready to move around due to its 8-inch wheels, regardless of its 77 pounds. 

One of its most significant features is its 18-feet material capacity that enables you to work with almost any material you need. 

This is the best miter saw stand to use if you are working on uneven surfaces because its leveling leg offers stability. Moreover, ist rapid-release mounts remove the hassle of having to mount your saw onto the work surface slowly. 


  • Stable and solid 
  • Has wheels 
  • Adjustable wheels for leveling


  • Pricy 
  • Heavy 

Bottom line

This easy-to-set-up is the perfect miter saw stand for heavy-duty use. It is extra suitable for working on uneven surfaces thanks to its leveling leg that provides it with stability. 

2. Dewalt DWX726 – An Excellent DeWalt Miter Saw Stand 

This is the best Dewalt miter saw stand with a weight capacity of 300 pounds, which is highly practical. 

Also, although its 67-pounds weight is heavy, you will not feel like it is holding you back from anything thanks to its wheels. Moreover, the wheels are made of rubber, so they are suitable for handling a wet floor, for example 

Besides, the miter saw stand has adjustable mounting rails that can accommodate a variety of miter saws sizes. 

It is also flexible and can be easily set up thanks to its three-position pneumatic assisted raising and lowering. 

Moreover, it uses adjustable infeed and outfeed designs to give you more material support than other models;. However, it can only support 8 feet of material, so if you need to cut extra-long materials, you will not be able to do so with Dewalt DWX726. Note, though, that 8 feet are plenty for most people since that’s the length of a standard 2×4 anyway. 


  • Affordable 
  • Has rubber wheels
  • 300-pound weight capacity 


  • Heavy 
  • 8-feet material support 

Bottom Line

Dewalt DWX726 is a practical miter saw stand that can accommodate many miter saws. Its rubber wheels make it portable so that you can move it around easily, and its adjustable height and makes it highly practical for many people. 

However, its 8-feet material support is its only downside.

3. Ridgid AC9946 – Universal Compatibility and Transportation

Ridgid AC9946 is very versatile because it has universal-compatibility mounting braces so that you can work with any miter saw you want. The set-up system has a single-step release, which facilitates its setting up. 

For storage and easy transportation, you can fold up the entire stand. Moreover, its larger-than-usual wheels facilitate its transportation on uneven terrain and stairs with extra ease, making up for its heavy weight. 

Besides, for more material support capacity, you can extend its main arms without needing any extra tools. Also, it comes with lever locks that keep the extended sections secure so that they do not keep sliding all over the place. 


  • Tool-free extension system 
  • Large wheels
  • Movable over the stairs 
  • Quick-release and set up 
  • Height adjustability 


  • The left extension may not extend

Bottom Line

This is the best miter saw stand with wheels. It is a versatile tool that can be easily set up and transported. Its height adjustability feature and tool-free extension provide the users with comfort. 

4.BORA Portamate PM-4000 – Lightweight

This 30-pounds miter saw stand comes with no wheels, yet it is still portable because of its lightweight. Make sure, though, not to let its lightweight fool you because it is very sturdy. 

Sadly, its 36-inch height is not adjustable, but it is mostly comfortable for a lot of people. Also, its 500-pound weight capacity and 9-feet of material support almost make up for any drawbacks. 

It will also do its job without demanding any extras, which is pocket-friendly. 

Sadly though, the extension arms are not its greatest features because they will twist when we tighten them down, so you will have to spend time adjusting them. 


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • 500-pound weight capacity 
  • Affordable


  • Only 9-feet material support 
  • Extension arms get twisted when tightened
  • No height adjustability

Bottom Line

BORA Portamate is a good miter saw stand for your pocket and your work. Thanks to its 9-feet material support and 300-pound weight capacity, it is super practical. 

However, its non-adjustable height and twisty extension arms are things to consider before buying. 

5. Metabo HPT UU240F – Safe To Place On Unfinished Surfaces

This is a durable miter saw stand that can support material to up to 400 pounds. It also has material support extensions so that it can support long material, which is highly practical. 

Moreover, the flexibility of Metabo HPT UU240F shows itself in that it accepts up to 12-inch sliding compound miter saw, and is height-adjustable of material support so that you can set it to the height that is most suitable to you. Height adjustability also facilitates setting up the table. 

It also has quick-release mounting brackets that ease the process of mounting and removing the miter saw from the stand. The mounting brackets have non-marring rubber feet to prevent surface damage when the saw is removed from the stand and placed on finished surfaces. 


  • Non-marring rubber feet on mounting brackets
  • Its height can be adjusted 
  • Flexible
  • Can support material to up to 400 pounds


  • Relatively heavy 
  • Has no wheels, so it is hard to transport 

Bottom Line

This miter saw stand is a flexible one thanks to its height adjustability and acceptance of up to 12-inch sliding compound miter saw. 

It will also cause no harm if you put it on unfinished surfaces due to the non-marring rubber feet on the mountain brackets.

Its only downside is its heaviness; and, therefore, the difficulty of transportation.    

6. Makita WST06 – Best Mounting System 

Makita WST06 does not only have a usual mounting system; rather, it has a mounting system that allows you to transport the table from place to another with the saw attached. 

Since your comfort is its priority, it also has extendable arms -that extend to up to 100 ½” – so that it can increase its material support capacity. It also has adjustable feet so that you can stand on a stable surface if you are working in a place that has uneven terrain. 

Do the great features stop here? Nope. One of the arms of Makita WST06 has a roller for feeding in different materials so that you can create precise cuts with next to zero effort. 

Moreover, it can support up to 500 pounds of material, which is more than enough. 


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to use
  • Extendable arms 
  • Creates precise cuts with ease
  • Excellent mounting system 


  • Non-durable design 

Bottom Line

Makita WST06 is the one to get if you need the utmost comfort. Its extendable arms, unique mounting system, and adjustable feet ensure that you are going to have a nice time working with it. 

Its design is not durable, which is such a bummer, given all its great features. 

7. – Compatibility 

This compact miter saw stand is not only easy to set up and break down due to its quick-release brackets, but is also easy to transport thanks to its small size, folding legs, and support arms that slide into the stand. 

It can support long workpieces up to 118 inches in length and has a maximum workload of 330 pounds. 

It is also perfect for repeated and consistent cuts due to its adjustable support arms that have rollers and end stops. 


  • Compatible with most miter saw types
  • Perfect for repeated and consistent cuts
  • Easy setup 


  • Its short length makes it uncomfortable to work with

Bottom Line                         

An easy-to-set-up miter saw stand that is easily transported. It is excellent for repeated and accurate cuts. 

8. POWERTEC MT4000 – Durable Design 

This is a mobile miter saw stand that comes with wheels so that you can easily transport it no matter the nature of the terrain you’re dealing with. 

It also has round steel tubing that makes its design strong and durable regardless of its lightweight. Moreover, its support arms are compatible with most 10-to-12-inch blades saws. 

If you have had trouble before with feeding in the material, with POWERTEC MT4000, this will be a piece of cake thanks to its steel rollers than make feeding in the material much easier. 

It also has spring-loaded locking legs that ease its setting up and breaking down. 


  • Lightweight
  • Mobile
  • Quick-release brackets
  • Three-outlet power strip
  • Steel rollers for feeding materials.


  • Not safe 

Bottom Line

This mobile and lightweight miter saw stand has some attractive features: quick-release brackets, steel rollers, and spring-loaded locking legs. However, it is not very safe to use. 

9. Dewalt DWX723 – Easy Mount Up 

Dewalt DWX723 is a lightweight miter saw stand that you can easily transport. It is also easy to set up due to its leg lock levers. 

This miter saw stand can take up to 500 pounds of material, and it supports up to 16 feet of material, so you can usually manage to work with whatever material you need. 

Moreover, the non-marring feet on tool mount will not scratch the material, and its mounting brackets use an easy-to-attach design that facilitates the process of mounting a miter saw to the stand. 


  • Lightweight
  • 500-pound weight capacity 
  • Non-marring foot design 
  • Extendable support beams
  • Uses secure brackets 


  • Cheap saw release levers 
  • Expensive

Bottom Line

This miter table saw is suitable for out-of-job site jobs due to its lightweight and hence its portability. It is also great for the extendable support beams that allow it to take up to 16 feet of material.

How To Pick a Miter Saw Stand?


You need to get a durable miter saw stand to make sure that it can withstand harsh conditions. Although all miter saw stands are made of metal, steel-made ones are sturdier and generally last longer than others. 

Metal Length Capacity and Weight Support

Choose a miter saw stand that can support the length and weight of your material because the material can be too heavy or too long before you apply cuts on it. 

The weight support feature is an essential one because miter saw stands come with a maximum weight limit, so it would be a bummer if you buy one that does not accommodate the weight of your material.

For example, miter saws with less than 400 weight capacity are suitable for minor woodwork projects; whereas, those with 500 pounds plus are great for heavy-duty tasks. 

You can determine the weight capacity that is suitable for you, depending on how you are going to use the miter saw and the amount of work you have. 

Rolling or Stationary

Some stands have wheels and others have feet. 

The ones with the wheels are easily transported from one job site to another, which is an excellent feature if you usually move around a lot. 

Conversely, those with feet are not as easy to maneuver as the ones with wheels; however, make sure they are lightweight so you can transport them as well. 

Note that the stands that do not have wheels are maintenance-free. 

Height Adjustability

Imagine getting a miter saw stand and then finding out that its height does not suit you! Before buying one, make sure its height is comfortable for you. 

However, if you are going to share the miter saw stand with other people, I recommend you buy one that has height adjustability so that it can suit all of you. 

A good miter saw stand usually has a working height that ranges between 32 and 35 inches. 


It is a rule of thumb that your miter saw stand should be compatible with your miter saw and its blade; however, it would be better if it could take any kind of miter saw. 

This will be handy if you are working in a commercial field because your miter saw might break down and you will have to work with someone else’s till you buy a new one. 


A good miter saw stands have a warranty of 3 to 7 years. 

The Different Types of Miter Saw Stands:

1. Traditional Miter Saw Stand

A traditional miter saw stand is basically a workbench. It is very basic since its construction is not complicated at all. It is made of a pair of wooden sawhorses holding up each end with a solid, wooden plank between them.

It is extremely heavy, so it would not be the right choice if you are going to move from one place to another; however, you are going to work in one place, then this is great because it can hold an impressive amount of weight. 

2. Rail Miter Saw Stand

This is probably the most popular stand and is usually characterized by four metal pull-out legs that come out of a horizontal rail. 

Its greatest feature is that it can be placed anywhere, which makes it versatile. This choice of placement allows the miter saw stand to house different kinds of saws. 

Moreover, it usually comes with slide-out extensions so that you can have extra space to work when you need it. 

3. Table Top Miter Saw Stand

This is a flat, “tabletop” surface that you mount your miter saw onto. It is as versatile as a rail miter saw stand; however, they differ in that for a tabletop stand, the saw has to be bolted to the top of the table. This means that it does not allow for much mobility. 

4. Wheeled One-hand Folding Miter Saw Stand

This kind of stand is trendy because it offers its users with almost everything they want. 

They are designed with a durable table portion with one end sporting two, wide-set legs while the other end has a pair of locked wheels.

Its one-handed design makes it very easy for the users to use. For example, to unfold it, all you need to do is release a catch. When you need to fold it, release a catch to collapse the table and bring the collapsed table into an upright position. 

It is the most suitable type for those who move from one place to another a lot. 

5. Compound Miter Saw Stands

Compound miter saw stands come in different designs and styles; however, they generally have a metal and plank construction with two horse style pairs of legs. 

They are durable, lightweight, and portable. 

Final Words

By now, you have probably made up your mind regarding which one is the best miter saw stand. 

All you need to do is check your requirements and whether you are going to work in one place or if you are going to be moving from one place to another and then buy one accordingly.