Dewalt DWMT70783 Straight Die Grinder Review (2021)

Are you searching for a reliable die grinder? You do not need to look any further as the Dewalt DWMT70783 Straight Die Grinder is the die grinder of your dreams. It has everything that you could dream of, it features a small and light design and comes with amazing accessories. It is also strong when compared to its peers. Throughout this article, we will further explore this product to identify its best and worst attributes.


Dewalt DWMT70783 Complete Review


The Dewalt Die Grinder DWMT70783 is made entirely from a mixture of aluminum and plastic. While it may not be as durable as other models, it can withstand long hours of work. Moreover, if maintained and taken care of properly, it will last for quite some time.


This product is designed to be as light as possible. As we stated before, it is made from a mixture of aluminum and plastic. This mixture makes the Dewalt DWMT70783 one of the lightest die grinders on the market if not the lightest, . It weighs only 0.9 pounds.. This is a fantastic advantage since die grinders are controlled by only hand (depending on your dominant one), the small size and lightweight of this grinder make it an amazing product. You can check also: Die Grinder Vs Angle Grinder: Which is Better for You?


Despite its small size, this product packs a powerful punch. It has a speed that reaches 25000 RPM (rotations per minute). This makes it capable of performing all of its tasks at incredible speeds and with high efficiency.


There are three different types of die grinders, which are corded electric grinders, wireless electric grinders (they operate using batteries), and finally, pneumatic grinders. This model is a pneumatic grinder. This means that it runs on pressurized air.Pressurized air must be inserted into the grinder through a hose that is connected to the grinder through the air fitting. An air compressor can produce the air.


This product comes with many accessories that will prove very useful. It comes with a bottle of oil (used for lubrication), two wrenches, and an air fitter. It’s one of the few die grinders to have an included air fitter. This is an excellent addition, as it will save you some money, as you will not need to purchase your own air fitter.


This product must be lubricated before its first use and every now and then. Luckily for us, Dewalt included a small bottle of oil with the Dewalt DWMT70783.

Two Wrenches

The two wrenches included with the Dewalt DWMT70783 are made from excellent materials. They are very durable and will last for a long time. They are used to change your disc.


Many people claim that this model is a bit noisier than other die grinders. However, this is not true. This model produces the same noise that most die grinders create. Die grinders are known to create a high-pitched noise during their usage, and this one is not different from the others.


Dewalt DWMT70783 has a three-year warranty. Many people will be compelled to purchase this model due to its long warranty (alongside its other amazing features). Many people tend to judge a product depending on how long its warranty is. People tend to buy products that have a longer warranty, as if anything goes wrong with this product at any time, they can instantly replace it with a new one. This will not happen with this model, as it is durable, and with proper maintenance will last for a long time.


Dewalt DWMT70783 is a bit expensive. It costs 49.00$. However, despite its high price, you will be getting amazing features and qualities.

Dewalt DWMT70783 What We Like & What We Don’t Like

What We Like

  • Powerful
  • Three-Year Warranty
  • Not Noisy

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

Finally, it is safe to say that this is one of the best die grinders on the market. It has impressive power; it can finish tasks with incredible speed and efficiency. It comes with many accessories that will prove to be quite useful. Moreover, if it is maintained well and taken care of, it will last for long periods.

Therefore, we recommend purchasing the Dewalt DWMT70783, as you will not be disappointed.