Impact Driver VS Impact Wrench – What’s The Difference ?

An impact driver is one of the standard toolkits for those who do DIY home repairs, and it is considered an important tool for contractors and professionals because of its power in addition to its use for different tasks in the house. On the other hand, there are many people who ask about the usage of impact wrench, its importance, and they want to know the difference between an impact driver and impact wrench and their uses in the house. In this article, we will focus on the uses of both the impact driver and impact wrench, and we will understand the similarities and differences between them to help you to decide which one you actually need in your toolkit.

Impact Driver:

An impact driver is a tool which seen similar to a cordless drill or looks very close to an impact wrench in shape, but it is totally different from an impact wrench in functionally and individual use cases. An impact driver is a powerful tool that is used to get rotational force and drive screws as well as fasteners with speed and power. It has many features such as strength, rotational force, and it is repeated. The impact driver has hey sockets with bits for additional stress as it places on a bit.

Uses Of Impact Driver:

There are many uses for the impact driver as we can use it for driving screws into heavy-duty materials such as sheet metal and studs. We can also use an impact driver to drive long screws into hard materials so fast with less effort because of its power. An impact driver is specifically designed to drive screws and bolts that would stall out a cordless drill by using concussive force to drive a screw into wood or any hard material.

Impact Wrench:

An impact wrench is a socket wrench power and high-torque tool which has a square drive to get the percussive rotational force. An impact wrench is also known as impact gun, rattle gun, torque gun, and windy gun. It is designed to deliver high torque output with minimal exertion by the user as it stores energy in a rotating mass, then it provides it suddenly to the output shaft.

Uses Of Impact Wrench:

Impact wrench has many uses as it is designed to fasten and loosen sockets by applying a lot of force. It can use in construction equipment work with oversized and very tight sockets as it is very powerful.  An impact wrench can run on electricity or batteries or renewable resources such as sunlight and air. Some impact wrenches have battery packs the make it easy to adequate battery life as you are about to run out of power. On the other hand, an impact wrench is very helpful in tightening and loosening industrial-strength tools. An impact wrench is featured by its levels of torque, which are necessary to tighten quickly and securely. We can say that impact wrenches can be used for machines and carpenters. They can be used for making hammering and woodworking simpler. You can use them in any works involving nuts and bolts.

Difference between Impact Driver & Impact Wrench:

Although impact driver and impact wrench use the same principles in operation, they are totally different in their usage, and they have various applications. Impact wrench delivers many times more torque than impact drivers. An impact driver is popular for DIY and home projects, and it is great for building decks and home repairs. The difference between an impact driver and an impact wrench is that one is designed to drive hard screws and fasteners while the other one is designed to loosen and tighten tough nuts and bolts. The impact driver is a perfect tool to be used for most needs, and it is a more versatile tool to have in the house while the impact wrench is an ideal tool for machines and professionals who need thousands of pounds of torque delivered with low effort and high speed at the same time so we can say that impact wrench is an important part of daily life. An impact driver is a tool that we use to deliver a strong and sudden rotational and downward force, while the impact wrench is a socket wrench tool that we use to provide high torque output as it stores energy in a rotating mass then this energy is delivered suddenly to the output shaft.


As we mentioned above, impact drivers and impact wrench are power tools designed for different tasks. Impact drivers are tools that used to drive fasteners through wood work-pieces, unfastening screws, and nuts for drilling holes on varied work-pieces, so impact drivers are valuable and versatile to be used by home-repairs or woodworkers. On the other hand, impact wrenches are socket wrench power tool that designed for use to deliver high torque output which is provided by storing energy in a rotating mass and then delivering it to the output shaft suddenly. We can use the impact wrench for fastening and loosening sockets. About similarities there are many similarities between both of them as the function of both is similar since they use concussive rotation blows, and in both cases helps to maximize the torque produced rather than spinning as a standard drill does.
Finally, both impact driver and impact wrench are handy power tools that we should know their uses and choose between both of them according to the purpose of use.