Ingersoll Rand 301B vs Makita GD0600: Which is a Better Die Grinder?

These two tools are die grinders, and they are two of the best available options. We will now explore the differences between the and the common features, which one to choose and how to choose?

Throughout this article, we will fully explore these two grinders to identify their best and worst attributes, as well as the similarities and differences between them.

Makita GD0600 Die Grinder

The Makita GD0600 is a straight die grinder. It has a small and very compact design. It is also Corded, which means that it must be connected to a power outlet to function.

The cord is 2 meters long, so it will be effortless to move around while using it. It is very lightweight, as it only weighs 3.7 lbs. This is an excellent advantage as die grinders are operated with one hand, so they need to be light.

Moreover it is resistant to high temperatures; this grants it the ability to operate for long hours without needing to rest.

The Makita GD0600 has a fantastic feature, which is the AC/DC switchAC/DC switch. This switch changes the required power source from AC to DC or vice versa, depending on your needs.

It is a robust die grinder as it has a no-load speed of 25,000 RPM, so it will be able to complete its tasks very quickly and without any hindrances. However, it does not come with many accessories as it only comes with two wrenches and nothing more.

  • LightPowerfulAC/DC switch
  • Few Accessories (two wrenches)

Ingersoll Rand 301b Air Angle Die Grinder

This is a right angle die grinder. This means it is much more comfortable to use than a straight head die grinder. It can reach spots that a straight head cannot.

The Ingersoll Rand 301B is a pneumatic die grinder, and this means that it runs or pressurized air. Pressurized air must run into the grinder from an air compressor, through the grinder’s air fitter. Unfortunately, this product does not have an included air fitter; therefore, you will have to purchase it separately.

This model is designed to be light. Die grinders are mostly used for multiple hours, so as we said before, they need to be light not to fatigue your hand your hand. Therefore, Ingersoll manufactured the 301B from light materials such as aluminum. This product is also robust, it has a no-load Speed of 21,000 RPM (rotations per minute).

  • More ComfortableLight
  • No Air Fitter Included

Ingersoll Rand 301B vs Makita GD0600 Overview


There are many similarities between these two products. Both of them have the same main uses, such as polishing, sharpening, grinding, and cutting of different materials. Both of them do not create a lot of noise while working (however, the 301B has an advantage, which we will discuss later). Additionally both of them come with few or practically no accessories,


There are some differences between these two grinders. The first is that the Makita GD0600 is corded, meaning that it operates on electricity, while the Ingersoll Rand 301B is pneumatic as it operates on pressurized air. The second difference between them is their power. The Makita GD0600 has the edge over the Ingersoll Rand 301B when it comes to speed of operation. The Makita GD0600 has 25000 RPM while the Ingersoll Rand 301B has 21000. This means that the Makita GD0600 can do 4000 rotations more in a minute.

Both tools do not make a high sound when they are used; however, the Ingersoll Rand 301B has the edge over the Makita GD0600. It comes with an installed silencer. This silencer works on trapping the noise inside the machine. Moreover, the Ingersoll Rand 301B has an integral safety-lock throttle lever. This lever prevents it from starting-up accidentally.

Safety Instructions

Safety instructions are required when operating any tool. Gloves are necessary to protect your hands and fingers. You must also never wear any jewelry such as bracelets or chains; they become tangled in the grinder, which will be extremely dangerous. An addition is that you can wear a lab coat, it will not do much, but it will protect your clothes from becoming dusty.

Makita GD0600 Vs Ingersoll Rand 301B: Which is Better Overall?

Deciding between these two models is hard. It is like being caught between a rock and a hard place. However, trust us when we tell you that no matter which one you choose, you will not be disappointed.

You need to decide your needs before purchasing. If you need raw power, durability, and a straight head corded die grinder, then the Makita GD0600 is the one for you. However, if you need a quiet angle die grinder that is comfortable when gripped and can reach tight spaces, then look no further than the Ingersoll 301B.

Finally, it is safe to say that both of them are great options, and it all comes down to what you require in your tasks. Both of them will not disappoint you, and they will function perfectly no matter the task.