Makita vs. Milwaukee: Which one is better?

Suppose you are looking to buy or replace one of your power tools. It won’t be easy to choose the right brand.

Do not worry. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most popular and competitive power tool brands on the market: Makita vs. Milwaukee. Then, we compare the technical specifications of each.

Every brand has its advantages and inconveniences that should be considered before making a decision and purchasing a product.

History of the two Top Brands :

Milwaukee :

Over the past decade, Milwaukee has emerged as one of the top brands.

The American company was founded in 1924 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In the beginning, it was like a power tool repair business. It was Henry Ford who developed Milwaukee’s first power tool.

In the early 1930s, the company focused its effort on manufacturing while developing tools such as the electric impact drill and a single-power sander.

Today, Milwaukee has a product line with over 500 tools and 3,500 attachments.


Makita started in 1915 in Nagoya, Japan, by Masaburo Makita and is very popular in the United States.

In the beginning, Makita was a shop selling and repairing power tools such as electric motors, lighting equipment, and transformers.

In 1935, Makita began exporting its first electric motors and generators to the Soviet Union.

Makita produces tools of various models and has continued to improve its line of power tools.

In 1990, Makita opened branches in several countries around the world.

Product Features Comparison

Milwaukee Features

Motor: very efficient and powerful motor

Redlithium battery: long operating time, long service life.

Redlink Plus Intelligence: intelligent system to facilitate total communication between tool, battery, and charger for optimized performance.

Driving control mode: better control of output power and speed.

Professional quality: professional use, sturdy and high-quality tools.

Warranty: Each product has a specific warranty, ranging from a few months to lifetime warranties. A complete list of each product and the warranty offered is available on the company’s website.

Quality: Top quality, excellent value for money. Sustainable product for consumers and in particular for professionals (e.g., electricians).

Range: a wide range of tools.

The guarantee system followed by Milwaukee is better than that applied by Makita.

Price: Milwaukee belongs to the premium product category. Its tools are probably the most expensive of the lot.

Durability: Milwaukee products are the most reliable, durable, and toughest on the market.

Makita Features

Star Protection Technology: Improved communication system used to reduce overcharging, overheating, and over-discharging.

LXT brushless motor: powerful, efficient, and durable brushless motors.

LXT lithium-ion battery technology: efficient lithium-ion batteries for longer runtime (up to 50%).

Price: affordable prices. Generally, less expensive than similar power and performance tools from other brands on the market.

Price: Makita tools are cheaper than those in the Milwaukee line by around 10-20%.

Durability: the manufacture of quality tools at an affordable price but with average durability.

Use: easy to use

Warranty: a 3-year warranty on all its products

Comparison between the two brands:

Milwaukee and Makita are two major brands of power tools. They have a wide range of products.

Hammer Drills: Milwaukee has higher torque and a wider speed range.

Impact Drivers: Milwaukee has higher torque, lightweight construction, and excellent control over the given speed and power output.

Saws Alternatives: Makita has a longer course, which allows for a quick cut.

Circular Saws: Milwaukee is characterized by higher rpm and a more compact, lightweight design.

Work Lights: Makita’s xenon bulb is brighter.

Wood planer: Makita has the best wood planer on the market; they are light and durable. Moreover, they are capable of planning extreme depths in a single pass. The models are durable.

For Milwaukee, planners have excellent characteristics. The batteries in Milwaukee models probably run out faster than the Makita models.

The cordless drill: Makita drills are lightweight (less than 3 lbs) and with easy portability.

Milwaukee offers individual drills and kits with impact drivers, which are durable.

Milwaukee drills have better quality, and Makita drills have the best option on a budget.

Wood Routers: The two brands manufacture several different models. Makita manufactures woodworking routers with flat-top designs, plus precision cutting and a one ⅜ “plunge depth capability.

Milwaukee manufactures wired and wireless models. These models are with brushless motors and dial shifts with variable speed.

Site radios: Milwaukee Jobsite radios have Bluetooth connectivity. They are compatible with the rolling toolbox. In addition, they can accommodate larger batteries.

Makita radios are difficult to sync with a phone. Their built-in devices are unable to charge the battery through the radio.

They are durable. They offer long battery life, too, with protective bumpers.

Jigsaws: both brands manufacture several high-quality options of jigsaws

Milwaukee jigsaws have several features. For example, it includes LED lights, counterbalance mechanisms (which reduce vibrations), and adjustable shoes (capable of being moved 45 degrees in any direction). Makita jigsaws have variable speed controls up to 2800 SPM.

Nibbler Tools: For Makita, its nibbling tools give it motors up to 5 amps and rotating dies (a 360-degree rotation). In addition, it has replaceable cutting heads.

Makita offers great portability and maneuverability.

Regarding the Milwaukee nibblers, they have 10 and 12 gauge capacity and 4.0 amp motors. In addition, it has AC-DC rocker switches.

Milwaukee nibblers have efficient features, and the one from Makita offers better value for money.


In order to find the best product, you need to focus on the quality of the tool and the price to pay. So based on the quality and the price, you can have the best choice.

For example, for the construction professional, the quality of the product is essential; therefore, durability will be the main characteristic for him.

Milwaukee offers the best and most reliable tools on the market at a premium price. On the other hand, Makita offers mid-range products at a lower price.

After presenting the two best brands of power tools in the market, you will be able to make the best choice.

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