Milwaukee M12 vs M18 Fuel: Which is Better?

Milwaukee M12

Milwaukee has always provided its users with exceptional devices. The most noticeable feature in Milwaukee’s devices is that they are always integrated with technology. M12 and M18 are no exception. They are two compact drills that use technology to benefit the users, and they are quite similar with slight differences. This is why it might not be easy to choose one of them.

In this article, we will try to spot the differences and highlight the excellent features of each of them to finally know the winner of the competition named “Milwaukee M12 vs M18 Fuel.”

Milwaukee M12 vs M18 – Power and Speed

Milwaukee M12 -that has a 3/8-Inch Drill Driver, a 1/4-Inch Hex Effect Driver (2450-20) and that is a 12-volt tool – has Milwaukee’s highest standards for power.

The speed of M12 reaches 1.500 RPM and 1.000 Inch Pounds of torque. This excellent speed enables you to drive fasteners and drill holes in a variety of materials.

Moreover, M12 has a 20 position clutch, so that you can adjust your torque up to 275-inch pounds.

You can use M12 when you are working on an industrial or residential project because it provides you with a power that can handle anything.

With the 18-volt drill, M18, you won’t need to use a pneumatic tool for those stubborn and rusted bolts.

M18 delivers 1.000 ft-lbs of fastening torque, and 400 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque.

It has double the removal speed of its fellow drill, so it lets you do more work in less time and be extra productive!

Milwaukee M12 vs M18 – Comfort:

If you buy M12, you will not need to worry about your hands getting tired while using the drill because it has a textured grip and rubber-treated handles. This helps make the process of drilling a lot easier, which is absolutely fabulous.

Also, do not worry if your hands are sweaty or wet for any reason because these features provide you with more control in slippery conditions.

Moreover, the onboard LED lighting system of M12 enables you to work in dim areas.

If you think that you will never work in dim areas, let me tell you that you are wrong!

Maybe you will need to work in a place that does not have much sunlight, or perhaps the electricity will go off and you will have to work on dim natural light, and so on and so for.

This LED light provides you with safety. It is needless to say that it is highly recommended to work in places that have heavy light, nevertheless.

Rather than having to check by yourself how many much more work you can do on a single charge, M12 has a fuel gauge that lets you know that.

Similarly, M18 features a premium rubber overmold, that provides you with comfort when you are using the drill. Moreover, the premium rubber overmold withstands corrosive materials.

Furthermore, say goodbye to having difficulty when you are changing sockets because M18 features a friction ring design that ensures quick and easy socket changes.

You can work in dim areas when you are using M18 because it, too, comes with LED light that provides illumination when you are working in a place that does not have heavy lights.

M18 gives you the ability to work in tight spaces due to its short length (8.39”).

Moreover, the 4-Mode DRIVE CONTROL™ with Bolt Removal mode lets you control fasteners greatly.

Worried that you may lose control when removing fasteners? Worry no more!

The Bolt Removal mode gives you full control when removing fasteners by slowing to 750rpm once the fastener has been busted loose.

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Milwaukee M12 vs M18 – Battery:

M12 is cordless, so it is powered by batteries. It gets its power from 12-volt lithium-ion batteries.

Indeed, people don’t like batteries because they always worry that the batteries will overheat the device and eventually destroy it.

However, with M12, you can put your worries to sleep because these batteries are packed with RedLink intelligence.

This RedLink intelligence lets the batteries communicate with the device so that they provide the device with the exact amount of power it needs. That way, there is no way the batteries overheat it.

Moreover, the compact size of the batteries lets you control them with so much ease.

In addition to all the above, M12 comes with a battery charger (48-22-2424). The battery charger has an indicator that lets you know if the battery is charging, has charged or requires maintenance. It even boasts a pass-through plug to conserve your outlet space.

Similarly, M18 is a cordless drill that needs batteries to work.

It uses Redlithium batteries that can perform more work per charge. They also provide the battery with a longer lifespan.

Moreover, they have a Redlink Plus intelligence that prevents the drill and batteries from damage due to overheating or overloading.

Corded devices may have their advantages, but cordless ones are portable!

You can take your cordless device with you whenever and wherever necessary without having to worry about its massive weight.

You also do not need to check if the job site that you are going to has e an electric outlet or not because it simply won’t hold you back anymore.

Enjoy the lightness of the cordless device. Just put it in the car or truck, charge the batteries and you are good to go.

Milwaukee M12 vs M18 – Packaging:

M12 comes with a contractor bag.

You can make sure that the device is safe inside this bag because it has thick cross-x stitching that keeps its handles in place.

Moreover, its rugged fabric keeps whatever inside it safe. You can keep your tools, batteries and chargers in the bag until you need to use any of them.

On the other hand, M18 comes with no packaging.


M12: 7.01 pounds

M18: 6.64 pounds


M12: 14.2 x 9.3 x 3.5 inches

M18: 3.5 x 10.2 x 9.1 inches


M12: Steel – Plastic

M18: Plastic


M12:1000 in-lb

M18: 750 in-lb

The Box Includes:

Milwaukee M12:

  • Pneumatics
  • Combo Packs
  • Power Tool Combo Packs
  • 2 Lithium-ion batteries

Milwaukee M18:

  • Impact wrench

Milwaukee M12 vs M18 Pros & Cons:

Milwaukee M12:

  • Batteries includedRedlight intelligenceComes with LED lightComes with a contractor bagTextured grip and rubber-treated handles.
  • Can’t get nuts looseCan’t tighten nuts

Milwaukee M18:

  • Premium rubber overmoldFriction ring designLED lightCan be used to work in tight areas due to its short length Lets you control fastenersRedlight intelligence
  • Comes with no packagingBatteries have to be separately bought

Milwaukee M12 vs Milwaukee M18: Which One Is Better Overall?

M12 offers 12 volts; whereas M18 offers 18 volts, so if you need more power, consider buying the M18 model.

However, M12 comes with a contractor bag that let you stay assured that the drill will remain safe.

Moreover, you do not need to pay extra money for the batteries as they are already included in the box.

You should also pay attention that if you’re going to work on nuts, you should steer away from M12.

If you are going to work on fasteners, M18 is a better choice.

So, choosing either of them is mainly based on your needs and preferences.