How to Use an Angle Grinder? Tips and tricks

How to Use an Angle Grinder
Do you search for How to Use an Angle Grinder? Angle grinders are frequently-used power tools. They are adaptable and can do a wide variety of jobs. They do this by a spinning disc at a very high speed to allow the user to cut tiles, sand, polish surfaces, and clean metal. Angle grinders are generally affordable, and almost everyone can use them from professional workers to DIY hobbyists. In this article, we have collected the best possible advice and pro tips to guide you through using an angle grinder.

How to pick a suitable angle grinder?

Nowadays, there are many cheap models of angle grinders that are suitable for home use. A reasonable model will cost you about $20. If you plan on using your grinder for a while, you should consider investing more money. If you spend a few more bucks, you can get a more quality tool. Pick a motor that uses about 5-9 amps of electricity for suitable power. Pick a grinder with a size of 4 by 4.5 inches, which will be suitable for most of your projects. Make sure the maximum RPM on your device is the same on the accessory, as exceeding this speed while working will disrupt your safety. When buying a grinder, check available safety measures, such as a wheel brake system, noise reduction, and handle with vibration reduction.

Safety First: How to use the angle grinder safely?

1.Protect yourself

As angle grinders rotate with high speeds, flying debris is going to be very dangerous, as it could break off and hurt your eyes and unprotected body parts like arms and face. Use safety goggles or even a full face shield for better protection. When using the device for cutting tiles, use earplugs to protect your hearing from very loud noise. Dusty work with a grinder as in mortar grinding produces a lot of irritant particles, so be sure to wear a dust mask, especially if you are asthmatic. Clear the working area from people, and anyone who remains must use the same protection as you.

2. Hold the grinder properly

Hold the device with both hands for full control with one hand carrying the handle and the other supporting the back. Try to use grinders with a deadman’s switch that will turn the grinder off automatically if you drop it. Before using it, position the grinder so that any debris will fly away from you. The disc guard might get in your way sometimes, but you should never remove it or work without it.  It protects you against shattering debris. If the wheel cracks, it will absorb the shock rather than your body. Before using the device, make sure the grinding disc is intact and suitable for the surface. Never use a grinding disc on an unsuitable surface.

3. Turn the grinder off

After finishing your work with the grinder, turn it off and make sure the grinding disc is completely immobile before putting it down. Apply the brake system if you have it in your grinder to stop the wheel faster as it may grab clothing or cut a surface when rotating slowly. Completely unplug the tool from the electricity to protect it from being turned on by mistake. Store the grinder away from children’s reach and store it with the grinder wheel facing side up.

4. Turn the grinder on

Make sure your device is connected to electricity properly, or its battery is in place. Press the power button and allow the disc to come up to its maximum speed for better results and cleaner cuts. When using the grinder for sanding or cleaning, keep moving it in a circular motion until you get the desired result. Learn the proper attachment angles with the work surface in sanding (5°-10°), and grinding (15°-30°).

Functions of an angle grinder

1.Cutting and Grinding

Cutting is the most important and regular use of an angle grinder. Angle grinders can remove dried concrete from surfaces and floors on construction sites. They are also excellent tools to cut ceramic or stone tiles using a dry-cut diamond wheel. Using a proper technique will help you cut precise shapes to fit in small corners and outlets.

2.Tool sharpener

Angle grinders are great tool sharpeners as they rotate at high speed. Take the dull tool and place its edge gently in contact with your grinder’s blade. Set the angle between the tool and grinder to give it a clear sharpness and proceed with caution for a few seconds. Even simple mistakes while sharpening can make your appliances useless, so be very slow and cautious.

3. Cut bars and rods

Grinders are great to give you fast rough cuts. It can quickly help you to cut rebar, iron, and wires. Make sure to use a suitable but not expensive wheel for these missions.

4.Metal Cleaning

Angle grinders can strip paint, rust, and cement out of dirty surfaces. You can do this using wire wheels and wire brushes. Wire wheels are best at removing rust and paint quickly from surfaces, especially for corners and crevices. Wire brushes do their job on broad, flat areas. They are best for deburring and cleaning.

Final Words

Angle grinders are simple yet powerful devices for numerous processes and actions, including cutting tiles, sharpening tools, cleaning surfaces, and much more. They are generally affordable and easy to use, but you have to apply strict safety precautions to protect yourself and others around you.

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