WEN 4214 Drill Press 2021 ( Review )

I have been looking for a long time for a drill press that meets all my requirements. Therefore, I looked at several offers. Until I found a product with the best combination of price and quality (my choice was based on product features and feedback from previous users). So I bought WEN 4214 12-inch variable speed drill press. 

WEN 4214 Short review: 

WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press

WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press
8.4/10 Our Score

About this item

  • – Infinitely variable speed ranges from 580-3200 RPMs. Mechanical variable speed delivers equal torque throughout the range. LED readout displays speed.
  • Spindle Travel of 3-1/8″ with easy to read, locking linear depth stop for accurate and repeatable drilling operations. Front to the back of the motor is 22 inches
  • Quill diameter of 2.17 inches. Durable 2/3hp induction motor develops ample torque and power. Motor: 120 V, 60 Hz. Laser Module: Class III
  • 9-1/2 x 9-1/2″ cast iron worktable features rack & pinion height adjustment and bevels up to 45 Degree left & right. Width with the handles: 14-1/2″
  • Includes drill press, mechanical variable speed, laser, table roller extension, 5/8″ keyed chuck & key, tools for assembly. Drill press Height from the Floor to the top: 37 inch

Sincerely, in the beginning, I was afraid that I would be disappointed. However, after having had the product I was very reassured. It was well packed. There are no missing or broken pieces. The information was well described and clear to follow. Honestly, I did not count the time spent on assembly. However, I can say that it did not take long. 

Really, WEN supplies professionals with high-quality drill presses. I have read many of the positive and encouraging reviews about this fairly new drilling presses and I believe they are right.

Regarding the price of the WEN 4214 12-inch variable speed drill press, based on my research and comparing it to other equally competitive and great drill presses, I believe it is difficult to find a model with this feature set and power at a price inferior. So, in my opinion, the price is reasonable

  • In my opinion, this drill press is very tough and strong with her excellent build construction from metal. 
  • In addition, its spindle speed is very flexible, it can be set between 580 and 3200 RPM using WEN’s mechanical variable speed system and LED display who allows the same horsepower and torque across the entire speed range.
  • Also, the table of WEN 4214 12-inch variable speed drill press can be tilted 45-degree to the right or 45-degree to the left for angular drills.
  • I can see the base is large, stable, and easy to bolt to a workbench. In addition, the WEN 12 inch Variable Speed Swivel Drill Press offers full turning distance to handle even my toughest jobs. 

  • I end with the X-pattern laser, which adds to the work more precision and originality. I really like lasers, this is my first time using a laser drill, and thought it would be very useful. 

  • There are a few innovative procedures that I haven’t used before, so it took me a little while to learn it. Moreover, I encountered difficulties in drilling thick metal, in particular steel.

WEN 4214 12-inch variable speed drill press Review 

WEN 4214 12-inch variable speed drill press is a drill press with a digital display, built with a rigid frame made of cast iron (head, table and base) and powered by LEDs that displays the operating speed, ensures accurate holes. Its powerful induction motor is made up of ball bearings for extended life. This speed drill press is very strong and hard since it is mainly made by metal.


Variable speed: I liked the fact that the speed of the drill spindle can be easily adjusted to any speed between 580 and 3200 RPM and the Mechanical variable speed delivers equal torque throughout the range.

Power: The WEN 4214 has an inductive motor of 2/3 HP and rated at 5-Amp. It is a powerful drill press, which is able to drill the wood, the metals… 

Size: this model has a throat depth of 12 inches. It will drill up to a maximum of 6 inches from the edge of the base material. The Wen 4214 has a generous 9-1/2 x 9-1/2 inches cast-iron table. I can put large materials on it and along with its 3-1/8 inches spindle travel; I can, also, drill in thick material as well.

Laser (Class III, transformer powered, 650 nm, <2.5 mW) is a nice feature. It is accurate and helpful when lining up pieces for drilling.it gives me precise results.

Other Functions: there are many more other functions. As an example, the 5/8 “keyed chuck can be opened with a standard chuck key, among others, it is very versatile and not limited to drilling holes.

Two-Year Warranty 

Final Thoughts: 

Finally, I find this ideal product. I am really very satisfied. This drill is functional and elegant. For me the price was right, so was the size, the installation was simple and clear, and the functionality was superb. Fortunately, I own a WEN 4214 12 inch variable speed drill press that looks great.  In my experience with the WEN 4214 12 Inch Variable Speed Drill Press, I would advise you to buy the WEN because of its value for money. You would surely be satisfied. It helps you to work with pleasure.

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